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Reciting  the  Creed

I  lecture  to  seminarians  about  Theology,  I  am  teaching  the  ‘Trinity’  paper  at  present.  The  standard  systematic  approach  to  any  theological  question  is:  ‘What  does  Scripture  and  Tradition  have  to  say  about  it?’  Scripture  is  all  found  in  the  one  book,  but  the  Tradition  is  harder  to  define.  The  most  important  texts  after  the  scriptures  […]

Francis Speaks to the Sick; Reflects on the Creed

To the sick: be a spiritual resource and an asset to the Church On 9 November last year, the Pope addressed seven thousand members of the Italian National Union for the Transport of the Sick to Lourdes and International Shrines (UNITALSI), an association which has for 110 years been dedicated to the sick and frail, […]

“Suffered Death” in the new Creed

An acute observer pointed out to me a change in the version of the Nicene Creed being used in the mass in New Zealand. We had been saying that Jesus “suffered, died, and was buried” but now we say he “suffered death and was buried” which does not seem like the same thing at all. […]