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Friday 10 May

Acts 9:1-20; Psalm 117; John 6:52-59 The way There can be no doubt. Jesus is emphatic. We eat his body, we drink his blood. We share in his life. This promise of eternal life. We close our eyes after communion in thanksgiving and praise. Despite our idiosyncrasies and those of our fellow-parishioners, we are united […]

Monday 6 May

Acts 6:8-15; Psalm 119:23-24, 26-27, 29-30; John 6:22-29 Bread from heaven The miracle of the loaves drew the crowds to Jesus. Food for their bodies was a physical attraction. But his words and the gift of his body have a spiritual attraction for us, and give life to our souls. Most of us are near […]

Wednesday 18 April

Acts 8:1-8; Ps 66; John 6:35-40 The bread of life A simple statement – “I am the bread of life.” This is the reason we go to mass and receive communion frequently. It keeps us faithful even in our darkest moments “And I shall raise him up on the last day.” It is this promise […]

Being Childlike

One day at Mass two little girls went up at communion time to receive a blessing. I saw them shyly wave to a couple sitting in front of me, who must have been their grandparents. After the blessing the shyness was gone and they rushed up to the couple, ran into their pew and hugged […]

Friday 20 October

Romans 4: 1-8; Psalm 32; Luke 12: 1-7 Integrity Jesus calls us to integrity. Those Pharisees are virtuous only on the surface of their lives, but underneath there is an energy that undermines them and those influenced by them. Jesus warns us and invites us to live deeply. By placing ourselves in prayer, being open […]

Tues 20 September

Sts Andrew Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang & Companions, Martyrs. Proverbs 21:1-6, 10-13, Ps 119A, Luke 8:19-21 Eucharistic communion Be wary of the disciple who works alone for long periods. That disciple’s inner light will soon grow dim. The disciple is a person of communion. Even the holiest of the brothers and sisters needs the support […]

Wednesday 14 September

the Exaltation of the Cross Numbers 21:4-9, Ps 78, Philippians 2:6-11, John 3:13-17 Eucharistic freedom In the Eucharist the cross is lifted high, made present in our city or town. The disciples may arrive in the pews scattered. Many parishioners may have dwelt with serpents this past week, the forces and actions that fragment even […]

Friday 20 November

Cant. 1Chronocles 29: 10-12 1Maccabees 4:36-37,52-59; Luke19:45-48 Church amongst us Jesus was angry so he drives out those using the temple as a market place. The temple was a place of worship, not to be used as a market or for those practicing usury. Our temples are wherever mass is celebrated. We are fortunate to […]

Asking for a Blessing instead of Communion

“I recommend that, at times, you attend Mass yet do not take communion.” This is an odd recommendation from a Catholic priest. The Church has devoted much effort to promoting the reception of the Eucharist. In 1905 Pope St Pius X issued a decree “On Frequent and Daily Reception of Holy Communion” in which he […]