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Unusual Kindness on the Mexican-US Border

In January this year, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity had “Unusual Kindness” as its theme. Here are some stories from Fr Tony O’Connor SM, working with people on the Mexican-USA border, people who have great need of being shown “Unusual Kindness”. Modern-day torture? Juan from Salvador, 16 going on 17, a tall stocky […]

Thursday 17 May

Acts 22:30,23:6-11; Psalm 16; John 17:20-26 May they all be one This text is for us – we are the ones who believe through the words of others, not because we were there with Jesus 2000 years ago. Today, as I write, is the start of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18 January) […]

Thursday 9 June

Acts 22:30; 23:6-11, Ps.16, John 17:20-26 May they be one This must be one of the most beautiful passages in the gospels. I think so anyway. What is horrifying, however, is to reflect on the reality. Through the ages Christians have torn one another to pieces in the name of Christ. Even today, though not […]