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Marist Spirituality An Introduction – Part 2

Cerdon – Rural France – 1816 – 1822. The Marist story, and hence our spirituality, began at one level with a small group of seminarians. They saw the exciting prospect that Mary herself was taking an initiative in calling for a diverse group to do ‘her work’. It would seem from their fervent talks together that they had concluded […]

Something Old – Something New [1]

Part 7 of 8 A Possible Marist Spiritual Ecology  The third Dimension: Tasting God – Cerdon The Marist Story within the Universal Story  We are proposing a paradigm for re-energizing our Marist Story by reconnecting it with the Universal Story The Marist Story can be seen as having four foundational dimensions: Call – Le Puy; […]

The Life of
Jean-Claude Colin

“On whatever distant shore” Part 1 of 2 As his Cause for Beatification is unfolding, the story of Jean-Claude Colin is now being told to the whole world. From the Revolution’s stormy beginnings, this shy youngster from rural France was to become Founder and Father of a religious family bearing the name of the Most […]

The Town of Belley in the Early History of the Society of Mary

Part 1 of 2 Introduction Belley was and is a cathedral town, the see of the Diocese of Belley, now the Diocese of Belley-Ars. Founded as a diocese in the 5th century and disestablished during the French Revolution, it was restored as a diocese in 1823. Tradition has it the Belley became Christian in the […]

The Early History of the Marist Sisters – Part 2 of 3

Between her arrival in Cerdon in 1817 and September 1823, Jeanne Marie shared the joys and the anguish of the Colin brothers in their efforts to get approbation for the new society. After a time living with the sisters of St Joseph in the town, she went to live in the presbytery as the housekeeper […]

The Town of Cerdon in Early Society of Mary History

by the Editor Fr Jean-Claude Colin at Cerdon The town of Cerdon was a journey of some 20 hours from Lyons by stage coach in Fr Colin’s time. The town is about 70 kilometres north-east of Lyons, and much the same distance south-west of Geneva. Since Roman times the road between Lyons and Geneva, important […]