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Southern Pilgrimage

CDC 2014 Participate in The Marist Experience  By James Peppping  As part of their curriculum, each year the students at the Catholic Discipleship College make a northern and southern pilgrimage to places of significance to the Catholic Church in Aotearoa. These explorations of our church history are also opportunities for our students to make connections […]

Catholic Discipleship College: Outreach and Retreat

After being a student at the Catholic Discipleship College in 2012 I have come back this year as a volunteer on staff. It has been an intense year full of learning, prayer, self-discovery and outreach. I’d like to share about some highlights from the second half of this year of the programme with our students. […]

A gentle whisper

CDC bears fruit Testimony of a Past Student, Brendan Jenke I remember thinking about two weeks into my seminary training.  “How on earth did I manage to come to be here?”  It was a choice.  It was a ‘fiat’ to an invitation from God, and the time at CDC was an important part of my life […]