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Wednesday 20 March

Daniel 3:14-20, 24-25,28, Canticle Daniel 3,52-56 John 8:31-42, Whose child are you? Jesus speaks plainly. Those who hold to my teaching, he says, are my true disciples. His words cause an explosive reaction. When it comes to identity, his Jewish listeners claim to know exactly who they are – children of Abraham and children […]

Wednesday 28 March

Daniel 3:14-20, 24-25, 28, Canticle Daniel p. 172, John 8:31-42 The truth will set you free God has planted the seed of truth deep inside each of us. There it grows and matures. To discover Truth we gently dig deeper and deeper. Going down into ourselves. Going down into life. Going down into the darkness […]

Thursday 24 November

Daniel 6: 12-28, Canticle Daniel 3:68-74Luke 21: 20-28 Law or conscience? In Daniel, we have a sixth century BC celebrity. When his rivals are unable to find a place to attack his public life, they seek to find a vulnerable spot in his private life. They fix on his firm commitment to prayer to the […]

Wednesday 23 November

Daniel 3: 4-6, Canticle Daniel 3:62-67, Luke 21: 12-19 God there in bad times King Belshazzar’s abuse of the sacred vessels looted from the temple in Jerusalem as cups for his feast mocked the God from whose temple they had been taken. He assumed that defeating a people discredited its God. Through the Babylonian exile, […]

Thursday 21 July

Exodus 19:1-2,9-11,16-20, Canticle Daniel 3:52-56, Matt 13:10-17 Anyone who has will be given more The New Jerusalem Bible (footnote Mt 13d) explains this “for those of good will what they have learned from the old covenant will be added to and perfected by the new. The ill-disposed will lose even what they have…” So good […]