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Marist Spirituality An Introduction – Part 3

Bugey Mountain Villages: 1825-29 A Contemporary Marist Writes “In the theology of the day, God was a demanding God of justice and atonement rather than a God of love and infinite mercy. The rigourist approach then in vogue in France was what Colin had learned at the seminary and one of its characteristics was either […]

The Town of Belley in the Early History of the Society of Mary

Part 1 of 2 Introduction Belley was and is a cathedral town, the see of the Diocese of Belley, now the Diocese of Belley-Ars. Founded as a diocese in the 5th century and disestablished during the French Revolution, it was restored as a diocese in 1823. Tradition has it the Belley became Christian in the […]

The Bugey

in Early Society of Mary History Part 2 of 2 Text and photos by the Editor The Marists conducted missions in 27 parishes in the Bugey region of France between 1825 and 1829. The first three were in La Balme, Corlier and Izenave (see last month’s MM).  In 1825, Bishop Devie moved the Marists from […]