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Mary in the Pacific

This article first appeared in Marist Messenger in November 1970. Professor Dunmore of Massey University had recently published a two-volume work, French Explorers of the Pacific. He recorded references to the Blessed Virgin that he had found during his research. It is not always realised that the name of Mary has been associated with the […]

Mary for Today: Mary in Culture (3)

Introduction To find out what any text in Scripture means, it is obvious that the social system behind the text is of prime importance. The world of the first century Eastern Mediterranean had its own social system and its highest values were kinship and concern for honour and shame within a gender-based division of labour. […]

Mary for Today: Mary and the Image of God (IV) 

From Jesus to Mary: Medieval times left an image of divine severity that was countered by ultimate graciousness  and represented Mary as recipient of the sinner’s basic trust and affection.  Despite the abuses that led to such a perspective, late medieval Mariology demonstrates the capacity of female imagery to model the redemptive activity of God.  […]

Mary for Today

At the Council: At Vatican II two patterns of approach to Mary came into conflict, and the first millennium won as the pattern for the third Christian millennium.  Let us examine the two in more detail.  Of the 2,500 bishops at the Council, 600 asked for a specific statement from the Council on Mary, 400 […]

Catholic Devotions

The Rosary and the Scapular – a Brief History “The Rosary and the Scapular are inseparable.” Our Lady to Lucia Santos at Fatima in 1917. When Our Lady appeared to Lucia Santos at Fatima in October 1917, she carried the Rosary in one hand and the Brown Scapular in the other, signifying their importance and […]

Immaculate Heart of Mary – a Personal Experience

Roy Shoeman is a Jewish convert to the Faith. He tells how early one morning, as he walked on a beach, he found himself consciously and tangibly in the presence of God. In that instant he knew why God had made him and what he should be doing with his life. Mentally he posed questions […]