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At the age of five I was rather worried that I might end up in hell.   I was already convinced that I was a worthless sinner. Born in 1930 and at convent school four and a half years later, I became just another product of the Catholic teaching by the sisters.  We were not […]

Did Jesus know he was God?

One of the greatest mysteries we Christians have to cope with is how Jesus could be both God and Man at the same time.   In the gospels he says that the Father is greater than he,  and then says “If you have seen me you have seen the father.  The father and I are […]

Are We Alone?

by Bill Lambert It was reported in the news recently that astronomers have discovered a star in the Milky Way 1000 light years away, which has five planets.  It could even be that one of them could have similar conditions to our Earth. When the church sought to silence Gallileo it was not so much […]