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Francis Speaks

Joseph and Mary went up “to the city of David called Bethlehem” (Lk 2:4).  Bethlehem: the name means ‘house of bread’. In this ‘house’, the Lord today wants to encounter all mankind. He knows that we need food to live. Yet he also knows that the nourishments of this world do not satisfy the heart. In Scripture, […]

Friday 28 December

Feast of the Holy Innocents 1 John 1:5-2:2; Psalm 123 (124):2-5, 7-8; Matthew 2:13-18 Biblical faith Fear and death loom when Herod sought the new-born Jesus. The family of Jesus is forced to ‘escape.’ This verb is repeated in 2:12, 13, 14, and again, when, after returning from Egypt, the family ‘escape’ to Galilee (v.22). […]

Monday 26 December

St Stephen Acts 6:8-10, 7:54-59; Psalm 31; Matthew 10:17-22 Receive my spirit The stoning of Stephen is in contrast to the peace and joy of Bethlehem. Stephen was the first to follow in the steps of Christ in martyrdom. Like Jesus, Stephen died forgiving and praying for his executioners. As he died he prayed, ‘Lord […]


A former top UK judge has likened efforts to oust expression of religion from the public square to Tudor-era persecutions. Sir Michael Tegendhat said soaring numbers of lawsuits involving religion pointed to an increasing denial of human rights. Sir Michael was the UK’s top libel and media judge until he retired last year. His comments […]

Saturday 27 December

SAINT JOHN, EVANGELIST 1 John 1:1-4, Psalm 97, John 20:2-8 Faith Well this requires a leap in the mindset. Two days ago we celebrated a new baby in Bethlehem, today we read of His resurrection from lying dead in the tomb. The tie is faith. Faith that Jesus Christ was both Son of God and […]

Saturday 20 December

Isaiah 7:10-14, Psalm 24, Luke 1:26-38 The old/new story We’ve heard it many times. Mary’s visit from the angel. The birth in Bethlehem. Still we meditate on it. Ponder the various meanings and the enjoyable event. The rest of the world flies by. Gifts, buying, holidays, work parties, shop parties, company parties. These can irritate […]

Monday 15 December

Numbers 24:2-7,15-17, Psalm 25, Matt. 21:23-27 The promise The Jews of old had waited generations for the Messiah. The prophesy of God’s appearance was also known to others. The oracle, Balaam, saw the Israelites camped in the plains of Moab. He was inspired by God to proclaim a vision of God’s Son, who would be […]

Mary for Today – Journey Towards Birth

Reading: Luke 2:1-5. Victims of Bureaucracy: Having reflected on both the Annunciation and Visitation, it is time to move towards Bethlehem. In her Magnificat Mary speaks of God’s kingdom overthrowing that of the rich and powerful: He has brought down the powerful from their thrones, and lifted up the lowly (Lk 1:52). Now the powers […]