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Saturday 21 June

St. Aloysius Gonzaga 2 Chronicles 24: 17-25, Ps. 89, Matthew 6: 24-34 Living Hope not worry At the end of a troubled day it is good to say, “tomorrow is another day I hope things will be better.” Sometimes they are sometimes they are not. Living through hard times needs fortitude and hope in God’s […]

Tuesday 21 June

St.Aloysius Gonzaga Genesis 13:2,5-18, Ps.15, Matt.7:6,12-14 A youthful saint Aloysius Gonzaga was intended for a military career, but against his father’s wishes, joined the Jesuits instead. In the beginning he was perhaps somewhat rigid and inhuman in his attitudes, but, with the help and guidance of St. Robert Bellarmine, he developed a courageous and single-minded […]