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Abba Father – Who Are You? (5)

Watching our Language with God In the first article about Abba Father, we noted how, in talking about God, we reach a point when we run out of words. God’s mystery is so vast that, ultimately, we are reduced to silence. We can only sit still, wonder, desiring “we know not what”. It’s Faith reduced […]

Abba Father — Who Are You? (4)

Shame at the Service of Love Chapter 15 of Luke’s Gospel is very familiar; variously described as the Prodigal Son, the Loving Father, the Lost Son and Brother. At the story’s centre is the unexpected, even disarming spontaneity of the father’s reaction to the son he sees, in the distance, coming back home. This graphic […]

Abba Father — Who Are You? (3)

Our Abba Father lives in ‘unapproachable light’ — true. But Jesus also tells us “to have seen me is to have seen the Father” (John 14:9). We know that Jesus uses parables to tell us about God and God’s ways. Does Jesus use a parable or an image that points readily to, and illuminates, his […]