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The Journey Continues(Comments Off on The Journey Continues)


To those who might have been following my journey I apologise for the long absence - and indeed I do not intend to again be a frequent visitor to these pages but it seemed I ought to bring you up to date on proceedings - especially in regard to my battle with addiction and with my long prayed-for and hoped-for reconciliation with my beloved wife.… More

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The Strange Case of the Missing Prayer

We are a strange mob, aren’t we? A muddle of contradictions that, in our rational moments, make no sense at all and yet that’s often where we seem to spend the majority of our lives.… More

What I wish I’d said to Tom

I mentioned in the September Messenger that one day I would like to talk about Tom, someone to whom I owe amends as part of my 12-step addiction recovery program.… More

Making Amends

One of the great things about the 12-step program to which I alluded when I wrote about my addiction some time ago is the necessity to make amends to people I have hurt or neglected or bad-mouthed.… More

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