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The entirety of the Gospel

By Bridget Taumoepeau

Recently we have seen, more than usual, the effect of individualism on society. The power of identifying ‘the other’ which leads to division; the explosion of hate; and violence in many forms. The pandemic, political situations, climate change, famine, wars have all brought these things to the forefront of our lives. 

Where do we turn to cope with what seems overwhelming? We have, right in front of us, the beauty and the wisdom of Jesus’ teaching in the Gospels. The Church has chosen texts for each day of the year for us to read and hear. But even the Gospel can be used as a weapon, so we need to resist the temptation to choose a text that supports our view. Better to stand back and let the gentle tone of the Gospels surround us – yes, there are moments of anger, such as Jesus’ rebuke to Peter and the overturning of the tables in the temple. But they are not a call to arms, merely a reminder of what is wrong and how to correct it. 

The gospels, as a whole, show us the message of love; of caring; of generosity; of welcoming the stranger; of forgiveness; of healing; of response to people’s needs; of teaching; of service; of how to live our lives. A few moments of gratitude in the evening for this gift can bring calm to each of us in the tempest that is our world. 

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