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Bev McDonald has recently finished as co-ordinator of Marist laity. Her ministry has included monthly reflection material sent to Marian Mothers, committed Lay Marists and others interested in Marist spirituality, meeting with lay groups, leading reflection days around the country and keeping the Marist Laity Facebook page up to date; co-ordinating prayers for expectant mothers and more. She has also been a member of the International Marist Laity team. 

Best wishes Bev for your future endeavours.

The latest and youngest head coach to win a USA Super Bowl is Sean McVay, a former pupil of Marist College Atlanta and coach of the Los Angeles Rams. Speaking to the 2021 Marist College graduating class, he said “I’ve been so fortunate and blessed because …many of the foundational principles that were instilled in me from the time I got here…have been instrumental in a lot of the things that have been good in my life”

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