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Mr Talboys decides for equity 

At long last, the government has decided to give some modest aid for salaries of teachers outside the state system. It undertakes initially to pay 20% of their total cost. In doing this it has finally decided to join Commonwealth nations like Great Britain, Canada and Australia where such a state-backed independent system has not resulted in any of the divisiveness so feared by spokesmen for the Educational Institute and the Post Primary Teachers' Association.

In this matter the Labour Party's attitude has been openly favourable since the last election campaign but Mr Talboys, the present Minister, has stolen a march on his political opponents by his frank appraisal of the merits of the private schools. ... Even if the amount promised falls short of the requests of the independent schools, those running them will be relieved to have the government's backing. It will enable them to keep their schools going. ...

Leaving aside the obvious equity of the government's move, it is no more or less than good business to help to keep these schools going. N.Z.'s educational system cannot do without them.   

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