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Mission Sisters return to Samoa

The Sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions have just returned to work in Samoa at the invitation of Bishop Pio SM.

They will begin a new co-educational school in Savai’i next year.

The first band of three Sisters is composed of Sisters M. Eugenia Gill, M. Vincent Greenlees and M. Cynthia Kearney.

New training course for young Pacific missionaries

The first ever training course for young priests and brothers entering Papua-New Guinea and the British Solomon Islands ended recently.

Observers consider the holding of the course as a major historical step in the development of the Church in these territories.

Forty-six missionaries took part. They came from fourteen different nations and most dioceses in the territories were represented.

Fr Michael McVerry SM (formerly a teacher at St Patrick’s College, Silverstream, and St Bede’s College, Christchurch) attended the first course. He is destined for work in the British Solomons and is now under Bishop D Stuyvenberg SM in the diocese of Honiara.

- April 1970

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