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As we see it ... the “giant leap for mankind”

All of us would echo the words of the Holy Father in his dedicatory inscription that was placed on the surface of the moon: “For the glory of the name of God who gives man such power, we pray and wish well for this marvellous endeavour”.

Tourists are ‘the undressed’ of the Pacific -- from Bishop Rodgers SM, in Tonga:

Today a big ship is in port. It disgorged over a thousand tourists this morning to spend the day ashore. I believe they are mostly Australians.

The impression one has of many of these people is that they have no idea of what kind of country they are entering and that they couldn’t care less, anyway. For instance, they pour off the boat dressed any old way, and semi-mini, or even demi-semi-mini dresses are sometimes much in evidence. In Tonga such dresses are not considered sufficiently modest for women. Girls who wear them are looked at askance. ... the point I am trying to make is that tourists should have the courtesy to conform to local standards and customs when they enter a foreign country.  

September 1969

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