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A Cardinal for New Zealand

The elevation of our metropolitan, Archbishop McKeefry, to be a Prince of the Church marks a stage in the life of the Church here. It is a sign not only of our coming of age as a Christian community but that this is recognised by our supreme Pastor in Rome. ...

Possibly in taking this step the Holy Father was chiefly concerned to recognise the New Zealand Church as a leader in spiritual matters and as having its particular sphere of influence in the Pacific. We too are Pacific Islanders.

The Editor, Fr M W Mulcahy SM, in the editorial section

Race Relations in New Zealand

New Zealand is multi-racial and the future happiness of our people depends on understanding between the races and especially between the two largest groups, Māori and Pakeha. This understanding of each other can come about only through association on a person to person basis. In other words, we should get to know each other; and on both sides we might be surprised at the new friendships to be made.

Fr P J Cleary SM, in the Marist Māori Mission League column   

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