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MM 50 Years Ago

In his Marist Third Order column, under the heading Off to a Flying Start, Fr Maurice Mulcahy, who was both editor of the MM and National Director of the Marist Third Order, wrote:

Some may prefer the old days when the clergy ran most things and the laity merely pointed out the mistakes they made, but the Third Order must now stand -- and move forward -- on its own feet. ... and he went on ...

If you are that way inclined at times, try not to indulge in self-pity or enlarge on your difficulties and hardships. They may be great, even overwhelming, but there are others with worse misfortunes.

Brooding makes molehills into mountains. Self-pity narrows our spirit. Let’s look outwards and try to see Christ in others, as Our Lady did.

Of course it is easy to say this. It is hard to begin un-self-pitying. It takes patience and courage -- to turn from ourselves to take a kindly interest in others and to become less conscious of our wearying selves.

Put your own cares upon Our Lord as he tells us to do in the Gospels. Ask him to help you to see -- even if just to see it is his plan for you. He was always so full of pity for the blind -- and so often how spiritually blind we are.  
          February, 1969

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