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For the Ordinary Things

for the Messenger by M.H.B.

Thank you, Lord, for the ordinary things,

for the frost for the cold and the glow they bring.

For the child who is well and the child who is not

warm and content in her own little cot.

For the heart that is warm and the hand outstretched

to love and to give yet willing to get.

For the phone with its ring whether welcome or shrill,

for the car and the bike and the walk up the hill.

For the fridge, the iron and the washing machine,

toy cupboard tumult - a home to clean.

For music and silence - the absence of pop,

for laughing, crying and the gumption to stop.

For pencils and paints and dolls in line,

pen and paper - a friend in mind.

For school and work and people who care

and priests and doctors who're usually there.

For peace, dear Lord and the chance to vote

for righteous anger and the humbling mote.

For the smile of a child and the tear of a man

for the challenge of youth and the valour of woman.

For the smell of a rose and the pain of its thorn,

for tension which breaks when love is born.

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