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An Ocean of Love

By Bridget Taumoepeau

I must live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Recently I went for a long walk on the beach when the tide was well in, and as I sauntered slowly along the beach, the experience reminded me of Pope Francis’ description of God’s mercy and care for us as ‘an ocean of love.’ I am sure that anyone who has had the opportunity to walk on a deserted beach will feel the same.

The never-ending waves rolling in; every now and then a wave would rush further up the beach and threaten to engulf my feet; the knowledge that this ocean is linked to the rest of the world; the ebb and flow so comforting, so certain.


The sea stimulates all our senses – the sound, while quite loud, is soothing. I hear it as I go off to sleep and when I wake; the stunning sight of ever-changing waves, which are so spell-binding that it is hard to take one’s eyes away; the impulse to stoop down and run one’s fingers through the shallows which reminds one of the excitement of little children running in and out and shouting about how cold it is; the salty taste as one licks one’s fingers dry; and if one pays attention there is the smell that tells you that you are at the coast.

And so the sea embraces us in every way.

No wonder the Pope chose this metaphor for the extent of God’s loving mercy for all of us.

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