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by Maria Kennedy

by Maria Kennedy

Of a good nature, considerate and helpful. Dictionary.com

When a seemingly random chance event brings about a good outcome I wonder how much the wind of the Holy Spirit blows to make such a kind thing occur. When I grew up we liked to talk about these coincidences. It felt like we were being looked after by God. It is a matter of faith to see the Holy Spirit in this light.

Matthew could talk of nothing else. The Brumbies were playing the Highlanders in his home town and there were two tickets to the game on the fridge, one with Matthew’s name on it and the other for his Dad. Matthew knew the names of all the players (both sides). He knew their strengths and weaknesses, their past performances and their likely chances of winning. Of course it would be a Highlanders’ win, but a close one at that. However there was one thing that Matthew never even considered. The tickets may have been on the fridge but it didn’t mean he’d be going to the game.

It started on Thursday night after tea. Matthew started vomiting. Then he went very weak. Later he started complaining about an ache down his right side. And the pain kept getting worse. A trip to A and E in the early hours of Friday morning confirmed what Matthew’s parents already suspected. Matthew’s appendix had to come out. Afterwards, back in the ward, Matthew was groggy but smiling. He insisted, since the pain had gone, he’d be well enough now to go to the game on Saturday.

Highlanders v. Brumbies, 2015

Highlanders v. Brumbies, 2015

“Sorry mate,” said Matthew’s Dad Steve, “you’ve got to rest.” Matthew was immediately sick then two big tears welled up and fell down both cheeks. “But I so want to go. It’s not fair,” complained Matthew. Everyone tried to make Matthew feel better. “You’re in the best place,” comforted his Nana, Barbara. “There’ll be plenty more games,” insisted his Grandad, Roger. “You can watch it on TV,” suggested nurse Hayley.

But it didn’t matter what they said, Matthew still didn’t cheer up as they hoped.

Suddenly there was a commotion in the corridor and two young men dressed smartly in long trousers and blazers entered Matthew’s four-bed cubicle. Matthew, to everyone’s surprise, burst into an enormous grin. They were two players from the Brumbies team. Matthew immediately told them what had happened and how unfair it was he couldn’t go to the game even though he had a ticket.

“That’s too bad,” said one.  “Would this help?” asked the other and from inside his carry bag he pulled out a Brumbies top signed by every player in the team.Brumbies jersey

After they left, Matthew couldn’t stop talking about what had happened. Matthew’s parents were thrilled to see their son smiling again. Those special visitors were just the medicine Matthew needed. Matthew sat up in bed wearing his new Brumbies top beaming from ear to ear and it didn’t matter one bit that he was wearing the opposing team’s jersey. He even suggested that his younger sister Susan could use his ticket.

On Saturday night Matthew’s grandparents, Roger and Barbara, were sitting comfortably in front of the TV waiting for the game to start.

“That was very kind of those Brumbie players,” said Barbara. “It meant the world to Matthew.”

“A kind act blew into that room like a wind just when it was needed most,” replied Roger. “Those Brumbie players made our grandson smile when all else had failed to cheer him up. I won’t begrudge the Brumbies a win tonight.”

“That might be going a bit too far,” replied Barbara. “I’d settle for a draw.”

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