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Demand for euthanasia cannot be limited to a defined group. 

“The experience of those countries that have already legalised euthanasia shows that the demand for euthanasia cannot be limited to a carefully defined group,” say the New Zealand Catholic Bishops in their most recent statement on euthanasia.

“In the Netherlands euthanasia was initially only available to dying adults with terminal illness who were able to give informed consent and who repeatedly requested euthanasia.”

“Since 1973 all of these restrictions have fallen away and lethal injections can now be given to newborns and teenagers with disabilities, as well as to persons with dementia and depression.”

“In some of these cases there is no explicit request from the person concerned for euthanasia.”

The Bishops say that once we allow access to euthanasia for some, the reasons for confining it to just that group begin to look arbitrary.

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