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Marriage Annulments 

Cardinal John Dew has made the following comments available following the Pope’s announcement recently that the marriage annulment process is to be simplified.

“The Synod gathering in 2014 discussed simplifying the process for people and I’m pleased to see that Pope Francis has been able to move on this, fairly quickly after that discussion.”

“The changes simplify the process and will hopefully speed it up. They are very welcome. We will need to think through how the changes will work in relation to our National Tribunal and the Regional Tribunal which we share with Australian Dioceses.”

“Pope Francis said in making the announcement that the process has been simplified and made easier but the grounds for nullifying a marriage have not changed.”

You will also recall that in May of this year the NZ bishops announced that the marriage tribunal would no longer charge fees for the process.     

Source: Simone Olsen NZCBC

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