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Pope warns against seeking daily messages from Mary

Pope Francis has warned against listening to the daily messages of seers as a way of renewing one’s Christian identity. Speaking during Mass at the Sancta Martha Guesthouse on June 9, the Pope’s words came only days after he said a ruling on the Medjugorje apparitions will be coming soon.

Creative Thinking 

Selling old churches has become the new norm, real estate agents say. Churches around the country are shutting their doors as congregations and funds dwindle, and ageing buildings need seismic strengthening.

More and more old churches are being converted into cafes, craft shops, offices and homes. Heritage New Zealand said of nearly 200,000 non-residential buildings, 45 percent were earthquake prone.

Chief Executive Bruce Chapman said churches were disproportionately represented because of their heritage values and their age. “It’s probable that quite a high percentage of our larger churches in New Zealand, those of unreinforced masonry, are likely to be earthquake-prone.”   

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