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July Saints

Saint1Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati (1901-1925)

Pier Giorgio Frassati was born in 1901 to a rich and politically influential family of Turin, Italy. His mother was a painter, his father an agnostic who became Italian ambassador to Germany. A pious youth, average student, outstanding athlete and mountain climber, Pier was extremely popular with his peers and was known as “Terror” for his practical jokes. His deep spiritual life he never hesitated to share with his friends.

In 1918 he joined the St Vincent de Paul Society and became dedicated to serving the sick and needy. He took up mining engineering so he could “serve Christ better among the miners.” The following year, he joined the Catholic Student Federation and the Popular Party, a political organisation which promoted the Catholic Church’s teachings. He gave time to establish a Catholic daily paper, Momento, based on the great social encyclical Rerum Novarum.

Although the family was wealthy, the children had little spending money. What Pier had, however, he gave away. At graduation, given the choice by his father of money or a car, he chose the money. With it he obtained a room for a poor old woman evicted from her tenement, provided a bed for a consumptive invalid and supported three children of a sick and grieving widow. Only God knew of his charities – he never mentioned them to others.

Pier also spent time in the countryside with his friends, who did not hesitate to share their religious inspirations and spiritual lives. Love for Jesus motivated Pier’s actions. He assisted at Mass and received Communion daily. He spent long hours before the Blessed Sacrament. He loved the rosary. He joined the Dominican Third Order in 1922. He belonged to many organisations and was active and involved in them all. He was strongly anti-Fascist and did nothing to hide his political views.

In June 1925, Pier was afflicted by an acute attack of poliomyelitis. Neglecting his own health because his grandmother was dying, his illness was too advanced for anyone to treat when doctors diagnosed it. He died on 4 July 1925 at the age of 24. The poor and needy who mourned his death were surprised to discover he came from such an influential family. When his body was removed to the Cathedral of Turin in 1981, it was found to be incorrupt.

Blessed Pier, give us a heart for those most in need.

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Saint2Saint John Gualbert
(d. 1073)

Although John Gualbert enjoyed the benefits of an early Christian education, he was soon attracted to the vanities of the world. A painful incident opened his eyes. Hugo, his only brother, had been murdered and John had resolved to avenge his death. On a certain Good Friday he met his enemy, drew his sword and would have killed his adversary on the spot, but the latter threw himself on his knees begging him by the passion of Jesus Christ to spare his life. John was touched at the words, embraced his enemy, entered a church and prayed with many tears for the pardon of his sins.

He then entered the Order of St. Benedict, in which his outstanding virtue, after the death of the Abbot, led the monks to nominate John, but the Saint absolutely refused to accept it. Some time later, he left the monastery with one companion in quest of greater solitude.

He finally settled at Valle Ombrosa in Tuscany. Together with two hermits whom he found there, he and his companions built a small monastery, observing the primitive rule of St. Benedict, laying the foundation of the Order of Vallombrosa. The humble saint was never promoted, even to Minor Orders. His charity for the poor caused him to make a rule that no needy person should be sent away without an alms. He died on July 12, 1073, at about 80 years of age.

Saint John, teach us to be faithful to our prayer life.

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Saint3Saint Mary Magdalen

Many stories have risen around Mary Magdalene. Except for the mother of Jesus, few women are more honoured in the Bible than she. Yet the only facts we know are that she stood alongside Mary at the foot of Jesus’ cross, and was one of the first to see Him after His resurrection.

That, surely, is enough for us to invoke her intercession in our efforts to come closer to Jesus and His mother.

Saint Mary Magdalen, obtain for us a great love for Jesus Crucified   .

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