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Bill Lambert

Bill Lambert

Some of us – myself included – tend to put too much emphasis on feelings, or I should say “feel-good” emotions, when we pray.

We worry that we don’t feel a warm love of God. We don’t feel a lifting of the heart in the Eucharist.  We don’t feel enough when we are praying.

When it comes to God, our feelings are the icing on the cake or the gravy on the roast. It’s easy to pray when you feel loving thoughts and warm fuzzies. It’s harder when there seems to be nobody on the line.

Feelings are deceptive…. Let’s have a look from a different point of view. You usually don’t have warm, loving thoughts when you try to forgive someone who has hurt you. Forgiveness is more often in the will rather than the emotions. You try to erase bitter memories from your mind.You rid yourself of vengeful thoughts and wish that person well from your heart. You say a prayer for them.... Here is your will working in spite of your feelings.

 When it comes to prayer, feelings are a luxury. Many of the great saints – including Mother Teresa – suffered years of barren prayer.

We too will get more brownie points on the golden slate for just soldiering along with our prayers of thanks, faith, love and forgiveness regardless of our feelings.

The important thing is to act as though you love God – wishing to serve him through acts of kindness to others.   

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