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St Mary of the Angels Wellington

$3.1 million so far raised by Wellington donors has allowed the first phase of work, to bring St Mary of the Angels to 100 per cent of code, to begin on March 18.

Source: www.cathnews.co.nz

Absolute freedom to market
anything anyhow is not in our interests says Bishop Charles Drenan. Bishop Charles expressed concern at the growing gap between rich and poor, and economic policies that favour those who are already wealthy. Quoting Pope Francis’ criticism of economic theories that wealth will eventually trickle down to the low paid, Bishop Charles said the only people that should be taking that theory seriously “are the writers of the Tui Billboard campaign – yeah right.”

He told protest participants that protests were often “a series of nos” so he was offering some “yeses.” “Yes to fairness and justice.  Yes to a vision of our world that upholds a united global family that respects rather than squashes regional goals and aspirations.  Yes to the gift of creation…to the duty of using the resources of this land with respect to our creator God and with love of our future generations, our mokopuna.”   

Source:  Simone Olsen NZCBC

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