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Archbishop Romero’s Cause Introduced 

A leading campaigner of the cause of Archbishop Oscar Romero believes the slain prelate was a martyr of the church of the Second Vatican Council.

The postulator of the archbishop’s cause, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, said that Romero’s killers wanted “to strike the Church that flowed from the Second Vatican Council.”

On February 3, Pope Francis formally recognised that the slain Salvadoran archbishop was killed “in hatred of the faith” and not for purely political reasons.

Word on Fire. Fr Robert Barron,
YouTube  Preacher 

Charged by Cardinal Francis George with the vague task of “jump-starting evangelism” in Chicago’s archdiocese nearly a decade ago, the Rev. Robert Barron accepted the mantle with gusto — and in the process, became one of the country’s best-known priests.

This year, his Word on Fire ministry plans to complete the first six episodes of a follow-up series to his acclaimed 2011 documentary “Catholicism,” which aired on 250 PBS stations nationwide.   

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