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Satanic Con Job?

Christians today find ourselves up against the biggest scam Satan has planned.

Under the guise of kindly liberalism we are sucked into  a faulty morality.  Political correctness has, for many people, replaced the Ten Commandments.  Under the guise of personal rights we are called upon to countenance abortion and euthanasia.

Liberal dishonesty has ushered in an acceptance of homosexuality as a natural way of life and same-sex marriage.

For just once our politicians showed some sense  shown when they rejected a bill to prohibit discrimination against gender identity in public toilets.

The same misguided tolerance allows internet pornogaphy to influence our young teenagers to seek sex for its own sake and become addicted to it.   What hope marriage when sex is based on lust? We used to talk of “making love”  Now it is all about “having sex.”  Love is ousted by selfish lust.

It’s difficult to tread a moral way through all this liberalism.

Political correctness is strong on rights.  But the most basic right – the right to life –  is under threat from abortion and euthanasia.

Our Catholic morality allows room for mercy. The moral law is closely aligned with the natural law, which takes precedence. Take the case of a person being kept alive on artificial life support.  The moral law is closely aligned with the natural law. To remove life support in such cases is to let the natural law take its course.   Similarly, a person suffering from a fatal disease is not bound to undergo medical treatment to extend life.  Nature can be allowed to take its course.  Pain killing drugs like morphia can be administered in doses which might endanger life.  The intention is not to euthanise the patient but to assuage pain.

It seems to me that political correctness is just another con -trick of Satan.

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