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Canticle for a Kiwi

Bless the Lord! You sun, reflecting moon and stars!
And men of space, both outward bound and home again,
Bless the Lord! Bless Him, earth’s atmosphere,
Warm winds, great storms, and frost and hail and rain.

Bless the Lord, you tumbling mountain torrents
Bless Him, you glaciers, rivers, creeks and streams;
Bless the Lord, you ponds and pools and puddles,
And you limped lakes, reflecting faint star beams.

Bless the Lord you farms and fisheries;
Bless Him you bores and reservoirs and mines;
Bless Him you power and reclamation project
You forests of exotic firs and pines.

Bless the Lord you kauri and kowai
Bless Him titoki, totara and tawa,
Bless Him you varied beech and native pine;
Bless Him you rimu and pohutukawa.

Bless Him you red deer, thar and chamois;
Oh, bless him here and in your adopted land,
Bless the Lord, you rocks and cliffs and outcrops
Bless Him, good earth, and gravel, clay and sand.

Bless the Lord you mountain mists and vapours
You fertile fields with winding river fog;
Bless him, you thermal works and great volcanoes;
Bless Him you city smoke and smog.

Bless the Lord you people in your homes,
In cottages and bungalows and flats,
Bless the Lord in mansions and units
Bless Him in every caravan and bach.

Bless the Lord you dotterils and godwits;
Bless him you shags, gannets, gulls and terns;
Bless the Lord in wild winds and sea spray;
Bless Him on coasts, where tide and fortune turn.

Bless the Lord you purest kotuku;
Oh bless Him fully in your high white flight;
Bless the Lord you grounded takehe;
Oh! Bless him, humble kiwi, through the night.

Fay Clayton


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