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Bring a Miracle To Life

Bill Lambert

Bill Lambert

Imagination is a dramatic aid to prayer!

To give a new vitality to the Gospel stories, imagine you are present at one of the miracles of Jesus.  A favourite of mine is the story of the widow of Nain, because it portrays so vividly the spontaneous compassion of Jesus.

Nain is a village nestling against the hills south of Nazareth. Jesus, with a large band of followers, is approaching the gates of the town when they see a funeral cortege emerge, with its cortege of wailing, lamenting mourners.

And you are one of them, your cheeks wet with tears for the poor widow who stumbles along beside the bier, bent with grief. It’s a humble scene. The body of a young man lies under a shroud on the back of a cart drawn by a donkey.  He was her only son, her only means of support.  Now she must beg.

The mourning procession comes to a halt as Jesus approaches with his followers.  You see the tall figure of Jesus stop still; his face softens with pity.

“Please don’t weep so,” he says to the mother.

231Then he comes forward ands touches the bier.  A hush stills the crowd…..

“Young man I say to you:    Rise!”  His voice carries to every ear.

The shrouded figure fumbles the cloth aside and sits up: “Where am I?”  Stretches his arms…..Mother!”

Jesus turns toward the woman:  “ I give you back your son!”

The silence of the crowd has turned to frozen awe. Suddenly a voice shouts: “See, a great prophet is among us!  Jehovah has smiled upon his people!”

A swelling cheer rises from the crowd, and your voiced is raised with the rest.   

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