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September Crossword



1Queen of England who restored Protestantism after the reign of Mary I (9,1)

7Religious people are in them and follow them! (6)

8"Poetry's unnat'ral; no man ever talked poetry 'cept a __ on boxin'day"; Charles Dickens, Pickwick Papers (6)

10Not a  monkey, but could be one shortly if dedicated to prayer and contemplation! (4)

11Asia our initial port, is the end of the world! (8)

13Elbow (5)

14Morning Prayer of the Church (5)

15Exam teas prepared by butchers with heavy cutting instruments! (4,4)

17Programme to prepare adults for Baptism (4)

20Annoyng sounds caused by disgruntled canoeists removing cat! (6)

21A short course in managing a household! (4,2)

22Jesus' teachings on happiness (10)



1___ a high note (3-2)

2Calvary inscription (4)

3i i i i i? - Sounds classified! (4-4)

4Heads roll in the nether world! (5)

5Thou shalt not disobey one (11)

6A cultural rebirth from the 14th - 17th centuries (11)

9A culturally distinct people who live in France and Spain (7)

12Distraught world-beater loses bow. Watch out! Enemy attack imminent! (3,5)

16A cloth worn by a priest under his alb (5)

18A game of Bishops and Knights, and Kings and Queens (5)

19The object of many prayers from the start (4)

Solution to August Crossword


1 Post - Pun

3 Hail Mary,
9 Acolyte - Anagram of "Late, Coy" indicated by "disorganised"

10 Giant - Anagram of "Gnat I" indicated by "destroy"

11 Manna,

12 Sister - Anagram of "SS rite" indicated by "badly written"

14 Deacon - Anagram of "canoed" indicated by "erratically"

16 Gloria, 19 Fatima, 21 Visit,

24 Mitre - Anagram of "Mitre" indicated by "undoes"
25 Chinese - Anagram of "since he" incited by "reveals"

26 Morality - Anagram of "Taylor I'm" indicated by "upset"
27 Alms.


Down: 1 Psalmody - Anagram of "mad ploys" indicated by "disrupt"

2 Swoon,
4 Averse, 5 Logos,

6 Amateur - Anagram and homophone indicated by "sound like" of "a mature"

7 Yeti,

8 Dynamo - Anagram of "Monday" indicated by "upsets"

13 Battlers - "Breastplate" without "APE" leaves BRESTLAT - Anagram for "Battlers" indicated by "prepare it for"
15 Adaptor, 17 Live-in,
18 Fat cat, 20 Ideal, 22 Sheol, 23 Imam.


The winner of the July Crossword was Jim Costello of Runanga


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