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Carol of Industrialized Democracy

Factories, forests, mines and farms,

We come with white collar, come with the blue,

But we come all together to pay homage due.


We’re inter-dependent, sister and brother,

We not only need, but must serve each other;

Few of us have any gift that we’ve made,

But we offer today the tools of our trade.


Stethoscope, hammer, dossier, till,

The plumb and the pencil, paintbrush and drill,

The earphone, the apron, the chalk and the tray,

These are the gifts we offer today.


We’re civilized, mechanized,

Industrialized, trade-unionized,

We’re increasingly modernized,

Standardized, nationalized.


We’re plasticized, televised,

Imunized, dehumanised,

We’re democratic, bureaucratic,

Containerized, computerised.


We’ve split the atom, we’re faster than sound

We’ve reached the moon, but today we have found

             The one Immutable God

We know that born to us this night

Is the eternal God of Light.

Fay Clayton.


We come from offices, shops and towns,


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