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Christchurch Diocese
Earthquake Assessment 

The process for developing concepts for repair / strengthening of churches in the diocese of Christchurch, New Zealand, is approximately 75% completed.

Since the earthquakes in in 2010 and 2011, the Diocese has been working with engineering consultants OPUS in assessing and learning to understand the impact that the earthquakes have had on diocesan property.

Also during that time the Diocesan Strategy Committee have been assisting in the formulation of an overall plan looking at the number and location of both churches and schools in the diocese.

To date there have been numerous meetings of parish priests and their advisors with Diocesan and OPUS personnel regarding the churches in their parish.

These will continue as more information is gathered about each individual church.

The broad approach being taken by the diocese is to get all its churches assessed for repair / strengthening and from this assessment, a concept plan is prepared by OPUS Consulting Engineers.

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