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Like Mary

Mary, so very human

Yet without sin

God’s masterpiece.

Specially chosen by God

To bring the divine life

Into our human world.


Mary’s life points to Christ.

She urges us to believe in him.

God’s son, Mary’s son,

Second person of the Trinity

Who gave his life in love

So that we could have eternal life.


“Do whatever he tells you”

Is Mary’s request.

When Mary said “yes” to God

She was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Our “yes” to God

Will transform our lives.


Like Mary we are called

To respond to God’s Word

And like her to allow Christ

To grow in our lives.

In Mary we see the wonderful effects

Of a response to God’s love.

Mary lives on

As Mother of the Church

She stands powerful before God.

She listens to us, pleads for us

And enables us to become

A Marian presence in the Church.

The Annunciation - Wikipedia

The Annunciation - Wikipedia


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