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June Crossword




1A style of Baptism confused in memoirs! (9)

8Opportune moment to eat fruit? (4)

10Cyanide mill upsets a doctor’s way of doing things! (11)

11Adolescent (4)

13The initial thought about the cause of disease? (4)

14“A jealous mistress”: Emerson (3)

15A clenched hand fits when loosened! (4)

16Quibble with BBQ removal could result in replacement! (4)

19Use your socks for watering the garden? (4)

22Unification of one country with a hair utensil! (11)

23Countess’s husband (4)

24Wing-shaped (4)

26Semicircular recess particularly at the east end of a church (4)

28Load from a lode (3)

29Pat on the back (4)

31Seasoned (4)

32Moonlit Yale expressed passionately! (11)

33“Back in the ___”, The Beatles (4)

34Come Lord (Aramaic) (6,3)


1Put Stalin in office with alternative form! (6)

2Ash falls from heavens to make surface flat and smooth! (4)

3Craft (4)

4One of a kind (8)

5Shortened version of rugby league (5)

6Steering mechanism for a vessel (4)

7A beautiful princess who won Cupid’s love (Greek Mythology) (6)

9Ancient kingdom which dominated south-western Asia from about 250 BC to AD 226 (7)

10Remote possibility of becoming a falling star! (6)

12This type of shrub could be discovered in America, but not in the morning! (5)

17Two dots placed over a vowel in German to indicate a change in sound (7)

18Description of the Jewish people outside of Israel; from the time of the Babylonain exile (8)

20Good ol’ boy initially loses Date of Birth in study of bird’s eggs! (6)

21Saul thought, “Let me give her to him, that she may be a __ for him and that the hand of the Philistines may be against him.” (1 Samuel 18:21) (5)

23A famous exclamation attributed to Archimedes (6)

25Crossed by the Israelites as they escaped Egypt (3,3)

27A transparent object designed to refract light (5)

29A contest or fight especially between boxers or wrestlers (4)

30The traditional drink of the Polynesian cultures (4)

31___ mater (4)

The winner of the Marist Messenger pen for the  April Crossword,  Sid McCann of Napier.

Crossword Solution for  May

Across: 1 Virtues, 5 Shag,

9 Crab apple - Anagram of "Capable PR"

10 Run, 11 Bali,

13 Lourdes - "English currency" = LSD

14 Redemptorists - Anagram "ted misreports" indicated by "re-organized"

16 Toccata, 18 Rust, 20 Nui, 21 Ephedrine, 23 Lent,

24 Resists - Anagram "Sister's" indicated by "disunity"

Down: 1 Vice, 2 RSA,

3 Uranium "traditional Polynesian cooking" = umu; "cloud-burst"= rain

4 Supply teacher - Anagram "Happy lectures" indicated by "reform"

6 Hard disks, 7 Genesis, 8 Menu,

12 Addiction - Anagram "Action did" indicated by "restore"

14 Retinol,

15 Reredos - Anagram "Red rose" indicated by "scattered"

17 Abel, 19 Hers, 22 IHS.




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