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The month of April normally heralds the change of colours and the fall of leaves in our trees. Autumn is upon us. The final fruits of the summer season are gathered in and we take stock as the rhythm of a new year settles in. A time of transformation is taking place.

A month or twEditoro ago Pope Francis spoke of a different mode of transformation. In a message for the World Economic Forum in Davos he spoke of the impact the world of commerce was having on the human race. “In fact,” he said “we must praise the steps being taken to improve people’s welfare in areas such as health care, education and communications” (Evangelii Gaudium 52). On page 6 of this issue his words spell out some further thoughts on the matter.

Recently I spent some time in Mindanao in the southern part of the Philippines and in particular in the city of Davao. There the full spectrum of life unfolded - from the wealthy with their gated communities and tinted four wheelers to the street sweepers and those who made a living from re-cycling rubbish.

What struck me was the development of city malls, hospitals and schools that was going on. These activities would not be taking place unless there was a business investment that would support them and enable schools for children and hospitals for the sick.

What is going on in the Philippines is replicated in other vulnerable parts of our world.

The feast of Easter centres on the Resurrection. The promise the Lord makes is not just to redeem each one of us personally – it is to transform the whole of creation. History will tell us this does not take place instantaneously. Nor at any given time is the news of the world always good. Like the autumn colours as they sweep across the countryside so gradually does the transformation promised by the Lord seep into human society. We can assist these changes by attention to the poor and in our social planning by aiming to achieve a good outcome for the greatest number of people.

Let us pray this Easter that the optimism of Pope Francis will colour our lives and may the Lord of the Resurrection bless us all.

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