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Josephites Re-unite

Towards the end of August  several hundred Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and Sisters of St Joseph of Nazareth assembled in Whanganui to celebrate their coming together as one religious congregation. The two congregations shared a common origin and were separated in 1876 when the bishop of the Diocese of Bathurst wanted the Josephites in his diocese to be diocesan and thus under his authority.
The Sisters that remained in Bathurst Diocese at Perthville became a separate congregation. The Sisters of St Joseph of Whanganui were founded from Perthville in 1880 and became one of the five diocesan congregations that later made up the Australian-New Zealand Federation of Sisters of St Joseph.

Press Awards

Congratulations to Fr Brian O’Connell and the Marist Messenger for winning a number of awards at the recent Australasian Catholic Press Association and Australasian Religious Press Association conferences. There will be a full report in the November MM.

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