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Dame Colleen
The Marist Messenger salutes Dame Colleen Bayer on her Investiture as a Dame of the Order of St Gregory the Great by Pope Benedict earlier this year. She has worked in the pro-life cause for forty years. It was her support and that of her organisation that allowed Bishop Pat Dunn to offer to help and pay for any mother-to-be to look after her child. She is indeed a ‘pro-life legend’ as described by NZ Catholic.

President Obama has recently said that the ‘War on Terror’ must come to an end. This will come as good news to all friends of the USA and Islam who work for a peaceful world. The end to this ill-defined war will mean more than a halt to military clashes and retaliation, but the healing of both American and Islamic consciousness from their wounds. An insightful opinion piece is included in  this issue.


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