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News from Christchurch is that the Anglican Diocese has gone ahead with a decision to rebuild a Cathedral in the City Square, asking their members to choose from three models. That is not to say that they did not give serious thought to a joint venture with the Catholic Diocese. A recent Synod of the Anglican Diocese favoured the more modern of the three proposals which will put a contemporary building for worship in the middle of the rebuilt city. It is time to pray for the Bishop and her flock for all success in building, and healing of the wounds of controversy.

On April 17 the NZ Parliament voted into law the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment bill  by 77 votes to 44, thus becoming the 13th country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage. The spokesman for the NZ Bishops (Archbishop John Dew) expressed his sadness at the vote: “We find it bizarre that what has been discarded is an understanding of marriage that has its origin in human nature and common to every culture, and that almost all references to husband and wife will be removed from legislation referencing marriage. We know many New Zealanders stand with us in this.

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