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MEN became ALIVE in Otaki

72 men from Wellington to Palmerston North became men alive at Otaki during the weekend 28/29th May.  They spent two days listening to talks and personal testimonies, working in groups and reflecting on their role as men in the Church.  

The weekend was organised by the Kapiti Catholic Men’s Group and led by two menALIVE team members from Brisbane. Topics covered included The Father’s Love, The Father’s Dream, The Father’s Son, What Then Must We Do and To Be a Man of God. The two Marist priests who attended, assisted by two priests from neighbouring parishes, heard the men’s reconciliation on Saturday afternoon.

The final session on Saturday evening concluded with a challenge to the men to light a candle at the foot of the Cross as a sign of their willingness to living a life to which God called them. 72 candles were lit (cf photo).

Archbishop Dew was took a break from his busy schedule and celebrated Mass for the men on Sunday morning - and what a celebration it was!  Then it was down to the hard part - learning what we had to do, now that we were men alive.  In the final session, the men were given four instructions: talk with Jesus daily in prayer, join a group with other men and meet regularly to share your lives, get active in the church, and support your parish priest.

Feedback was universally positive - a typical comment was : “Extremely relevant for my life”..... “this will help me make some positive changes in my roles as husband , father and man of God.”

MenALIVE was founded by Robert Falzon in Brisbane to help men who felt disconnected with their families and with God. The purpose of the weekend is to bring men together, renew their faith in God and encourage them to become an active force of renewal in the Church.


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