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JC Colin College inaugurated in Venezuela

As the Messenger goes to print the finishing touches are being applied to a magnificent new School in the parish of Flor Amarilla, Valencia, Venezuela for the poorest of the poor. Twenty years in the making, with massive financial help from friends in New Zealand and other countries, this dream project is about to be inaugurated.

The plans for a new Chapel next door are being finalised, and the project will come full circle from the first classes held in the sacristy, meeting hall, and Chapel of St Peter Chanel at Barrio Paso Real fifteen minutes walk away.

Chapel Plans

Plans for the new chapel

Time Line

1990 A census taken by Young Volunteers in the barrio found that there were many children who had no school to go to.
1990 15 November 1990: Fathers Pat Brophy and Angelo Omodeibegin the school named after Jean Claude Colin on the occasion of the year of the  Bicentenary of his birth. Classes were taught in the sacristy, meeting hall and the  Chapel of St Peter Chanel, Barrio Paso Real
1993 Colegio Juan Claudio Colin passed over to the Movement “Fe y Alegria” leaving behind its informal status gradually gaining official recognition.
1996 After a three and half year paper chase  a plot of land 8000m2 in Barrio Bucaral 2, a neighbouring barrio nearby with the condition that it be built on within two years .
1997 Boundary Walls begun
1998/1999 First pavillion  built
1999 The school shifts to its new site.
2007 Construction of Kitchen and Dining Room
2008 Construction of seating facilities in the grounds “Camino San Pedro Chanel”
2009 Pavilion Fr Arturo Buresti s.m. (second floors stairwell and three classrooms )
2009  Football, Basketball and Volleyball courts laid down.
2010 Construction of Pavilion “Machu Piccu” (two floors 10 classrooms )
Laying in concrete the Parking Area
Topographic levelling and boundary canals laid for rain wáter drainage
Laying of Central Patio Fr Arturo Buresti s.m.
Boundary walls laid for childrens’ playground
2011 Completion of roof of second floor of Pavilion “Machu Piccu”
Completion of topograhic levelling with more rainwater drainage
Fencing off of certain areas; Maintenance workshop; Tuckshop – Canteen
Gate keeper house; Completion of Childrens’ Playground
Remodelling of the original pavilion for integration of all pavilions infra-stucture and grounds
Enlargement of the Library
New Assembly Hall from conversion of two former classrooms
New Computer laboratory. Big paint job
Inauguration:  30 September:

The Inauguration and Blessing

The Inauguration was very simple and heart- felt, with the presence of Marist Fathers: Jhonny Rivas, Carlo Solís, Angel Saiz, Michele Palumbo and Tony O’Connor. Fathers Angel and Michele unveiled the plaque of Fr. Arturo Buresti, and Carlo Solis assisted the Archbishop Reynaldo Del Prette in the Blessing. A message was read by Fr Tony from Fr. Alejandro Muñoz s.m, Superior of the Marist Fathers, and another too was read from Father Patrick Brophy s.m., founder of Juan Claudio Colin College. Both messages heard with feeling and were well applauded.

There was much reference made to Venerable Juan Claudio Colin and his love for  poor children and youth by means of education. Other speeches were made by Mr Gerardo Pages, regional director of Fe y Alegria , Lic Kendal Perez, Principal of the school and final words were given by the president of the Parents’ Association.We finished with a  Venezuelan dance. We had begun with the pupils of sixth year secondary in a civil  act of protocol. After the ceremony a small tornado crossed the sky, (but no rainbows today)  then a soft  rain  fell followed by a downpour.

Civil Ceremony of Protocol

Civil Ceremony of Protocol


Unveiling of the Plaque of Pavilion of Father Arturo Burseti s.m. by the Marist Frs Michele Palumbo and Angel Saiz

Archbishop Reynaldo Del Prette with Fr Tony O’Connor s.m

Archbishop Del Prette with Fr Tony O’Connor s.m

Venezuelan Dance.

Venezuelan Dance.

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