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An Emmaus Journey

by Liz Pearce

There is a story of a young child who persisted in climbing into her newborn sister’s cradle. Her parents tried all manner of things to encourage her to stop. Nothing deterred her efforts. So, one night, they watched through the slightly open door. Up she climbed, into her sister’s bed. “Sasha,” she w

hispered.”Please tell me what God is like. I’m starting to forget.”

When my youngest child was about four years old, my children and I made a Picture Book, retelling the Emmaus story, using their extensive collection of soft toys. Jesus was a cool koala, wearing sunnies and black leather!

We spent a few days photographing, printing photos, cutting, collaging, printing the text and binding this simple book.

It was THE bedtime story for several weeks, until something else came along.

I found this little taonga the other day and I remembered.

_I sat on the bed with my strapping 6’3” son, unruly hair covered with the knitted beanie that he had worn all summer. He read the book, grimaced at the photo of himself fourteen years younger, and read the prayer. And in his eyes, in his expression, I saw that he encountered God. He remembered.

So I do not despair of my children ’losing the faith’. God’s vision, God’s outlook, God’s embrace, is much more expansive than mine.  God puts no constraints on how we express our love. Just like on the road to Emmaus, God accompanies us, often unrecognised; journeys with us; forms us; delights in us. Let’s not put limits on God’s love, or doubt God’s incessant persistence in loving us, ALL of us, no matter what._


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